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From ancient Egyptians to the Incas

From ancient Egyptians to the Incas, gold has been revered as nothing short of miraculous. So it comes as no surprise that nearly every culture has cherished this beautiful substance. It was reserved for the exclusive use of the pharaohs. The Etruscans created fine objects of gold granules and thread; a practice still in use today. In fact, gold has served as currency for more than 5,000 years, providing further testament to Baroque pearl its lasting value. Gold has also been revered for its perceived health value. Some cultures use gold to treat a variety of ailments, such as arthritis and ulcers. In view of the recent economic crisis, the value of gold has once again been affirmed as a source of permanent wealth, versus paper currency. The price of gold and gold jewelry is soaring today as people seek to invest their money in a source that will hold, and exceed, its value. Its rarity makes it so valuable. Nearly three quarters of all the world s gold mined annually is used for the creation of jewelry. But amazingly, experts estimate that all the gold ever mined would fit beneath Paris Eiffel Tower. Just to produce one ounce of gold takes several tons of ore. The Triple Play The value and beauty of gold has made it one of the most sought out substances when it comes to jewelry. These elements, in addition to gold s permanence, have created the perfect triple play. In cultures such as China and India gold is considered the symbol of good luck and happiness for brides. Families expend great resources to don young women in 24 karat gold on their wedding day. It is also the preferred choice for couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Gold s warm gold color holds a strong appeal for both jewelers and consumers alike. Because it alloys well with other metals, gold is often a preferred metal to create a variety of finishes and styles. Mix gold with copper and you have rose gold. Gold alloyed with palladium produces white gold, and so on. The ability to alloy gold to other metals helps to make it one of the most indestructible metals around. Its purity makes it resistant to tarnish. Like the Etruscans discovered, gold can be drawn out into thin, unbroken strands, or shaped and melted into any design. Care of Gold Jewelry As durable as gold jewelry is, it s important to care for your gold jewelry to sustain its beauty and brilliance. Treated carefully, it can last a lifetime and even be handed down to future generations. Chemicals are not a friend to gold jewelry, especially chlorine, gold s worst enemy. When entering a pool or Jacuzzi, it s imperative to remove all gold jewelry. And prolonged exposure to other types of chemicals, such as cleaning solutions, can weaken the structure and beauty of the metal. Contact between gold jewelry and abrasive cleaners are also not a good idea. It s better to remove your gold pieces altogether when cleaning. Gold can also be dented or scratched if it is treated roughly. Wearers should be especially careful when it comes to mixing gold rings and bracelets with strenuous activities such as gardening or sports. Repeated knocks and scrapes could leave your gold jewelry looking less than stellar. Gold jewelry should receive regular cleaning to help protect it against exposure to moisture, dust and makeup. Lukewarm, sudsy water is an ideal gold cleaner. After rinsing, dry jewelry with a chamois or other soft cloth to bring out the shine. Avoid using paper towel, which can scratch the surface. It s also a good idea to have jewelry cleaned professionally from time to time. Over your lifetime, favorite gold jewelry can begin to weaken in the clasps, prongs and links. These connections can thin out and eventually break, so it s important to inspect gold jewelry for any damage. A reputable jeweler can repair these types of issues and restore your gold jewelry to its original beauty. To prevent further scratches to pieces, make sure to store gold jewelry separately from other pieces in a jewelry box or a chamois bag when not being worn. Storing pieces separately keep them from scratching against one another and getting tangled.


More than half of the population around the world

More than half of the population around the world suffers ache or pain ranging from mild to severe, somewhere in their body which diminishes the quality of their life. Fortunately with the want to lead a painless life certain devices made of magnet were discovered to serve the purpose of reducing the pain which with the changing time was shaped into jewelry in a variety of strengths that can be used for a multitude of purposes. The piece of magnetic jewelry you choose and the strength of that piece is completely a matter of personal choice. The stronger the strength of the magnet the more effective it is likely to Pearl strand be, but the effects vary from person to person. The main purpose of magnetic jewelry is to provide comfortably diminishing pain through magnetic therapy. The increasing blood flow further increases the level of oxygenation of the blood and flushing out of toxins in the body on wearing the magnetic jewelry thus diminishing the pain. The different types of magnetic jewelry are designed specifically to serve different location experiencing pain for examples necklaces help to alleviate pain caused by migraines and headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain as well as the pain caused by muscle cramps and lock jaw combined with the increasing blood circulation within the affected area. Similarly bracelets help to diminish pain from lateral epicondylitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder pain, tendonitis and bursitis, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The magnetic bracelets increase blood circulation, thereby diminishing numbness of the fingers and hands. Anklets On the other hand decreases the levels of pain associated with lower back and knee pain, spurs and inflammation in the legs and feet. Like bracelets it also helps to alleviate numbness of the legs. Preventing the joints from retaining water, increasing blood flow to the legs and feet and supporting the lower back are some of the extra potential benefits that the magnetic anklet provides. All of the items of specifically designed magnetic jewelry will assist you by providing you with useful magnetic therapy helping you to reduce pain, inflammation, and giving an overall feeling of well-being even while you are going about your daily life. Beside these healths related facilities there is also the added bonus that they are stylish and creative pieces of jewelry that will make you look good as well. An impressive percent success rate in reducing pain, magnets have now become the powerful healing tools.


The world of jewelry is endless

The world of jewelry is endless. The increasing styles, designs and materials for jewelry is becoming bigger and bigger as time goes on. Dont you feel confused when trying to Baroque pearl find a single pendant for your perfect dress or a present? I do. You always want to keep in mind the new fashion trend too that become the must have jewelry. You do not want to wear something that the fashion for it has died. It is not that often that we can go to a shop a purchase the finest jewelry regularly. But as fashion is overtaking some peoples lives, everyone is guided by the trends. It is a fantastic excuse to indulge ourselves! Remember when silver jewelry lost its fashion statement. But its now back up and becoming famous then ever before. In the past, silver didnt look that appealing in front of white gold and platinum. The greatest advantage from this fashion statement is that it is affordable and not too expensive. Sterling silver is guaranteed to provide you quality and a higher silver content. The new silver fine jewelry is becoming more popular in charm bracelets. Thomas sabo charm bracelets all use sterling silver in creating their models and designs for charms and the bracelet itself. Lovelinks and trollbeads are made out of sterling silver too but the outer layer can differ in materials. Charms bracelets decades ago were made out of stones and other raw materials. But today they can be made out of a verity of materials. The new kid on the block for the new trend of charm bracelets is lovelinks. Lovelinks provide the charm bracelet with a modern twist but still incorporating the chic, stylish and quality silver of fine jewelry. Lovelinks started in Germany and now the trend is spread around the world. They do say, word of mouth spreads like fire! Lovelinksare popular between the ages 20-40 year olds, therefore you will have no problem in finding the perfect gift for your mother. As it allows you to deign your own, you can make it funky, stylish or a memento. Lovelinks have become extremely popular with celebrities too. Lovelinks are similar to trollbeads or Pandora bracelets but the only noticeable and obvious difference is the name tag. Suppose you have a Pandora bracelet, you do not have to buy a brand new collection of lovelinks, your lovelinkscan fit into your Pandora bracelet as the hole is slightly bigger. Overall, trollbeadshave that funky and young look to them, lovelinks have the chic and stylish feel and Thomas sobo has the real charm bracelet feel of dangly charms. They all have their unique features and try to deliver their differences through the charms, styles and quality. Thomas sabo is different to the other two, it is the most popular with young girls, by means of, they can show if their charms and tell a story. The Thomas sabo charms are chosen through some sort of connection, emotional or physical, with the charm itself. Silver jewelry is back in fashion and is there to tell their story to the world.


Life is all about balancing the different aspects

Life is all about balancing the different aspects in order to create a sense of peace within oneself, with others and with the environment. It will involve eliminating the imbalances in the physical, moral, spiritual, social, and emotional side of one?s life and mixing all these in order to be in harmony with each other. By doing so, a sense of positive forces are allowed to flow through like a leaf floating in the stream as it moves with the ebb tide of the water. The equilibrium in all aspects of life will leave the person in a deep sense of peace with their spirit, and creating harmony using jewelry is sometimes used as a method for one to have a peaceful life experience. When creating harmony using jewelry, a person forces out all bad spirits in their life. When one of the aspects of life is in trouble, it creates an imbalance in the spirit, which creates disharmony in all the other aspects as well. Chaos in one area will flood the other aspects and this smells trouble. When stability is not achieved, one might feel different discomforts in life such as anxiety, depression, anger, and all other negative feelings. One may also have a difficulty in sleeping or may suffer insomnia. All of these things will overflow into the body and it will rush in with lightning speed. But you do not experience these when harmony is present in your life. Achieving balance in life is not easy. In fact, it is indeed difficult and maintaining it is even harder. Once the good days are experienced, there is the tendency to slip back to Pearl jewelry set old habits. There are people who believe in creating harmony using jewelry. Astrology and geometry are joining forces in order to form various frequencies that will tend to bring in good vibrations. It is believed that some geometric patterns that have been borrowed from cultures and ideas of long ago help in strengthening and attracting positive forces. The jewelry piece is said to awaken the beautiful things and draw them towards one?s life. People who believe in creating harmony using jewelry likewise consider the fact that aside from geometric patterns to resonate life, words can also pull the forces of love, happiness, and all other good characteristics and feelings. This is why people want to have a deeper grasp of the meaning of these jewelry pieces because these help grasp certain feelings that will have a major impact in one?s life. The symbols and the words that are engraved on every jewelry piece allow positive forces to be magnified. The correlation and specific intentions may differ but in general, but they bring in more love, abundance, happiness, courage, and all good things in life. This is the reason why these jewelry pieces make a marvelous gift you can give to your loved ones. It is the intention and the special meaning for the recipient that makes this a perfect gift. It is not just about giving something but the real and true meaning why these jewelries exist. It provides peace for the receiver and it can be achieved because the giver believes in creating harmony using jewelry.


If you are in the xafs for a stunning new ring

If you are in the xafs for a stunning new ring, bracelet, earrings or even a necklace, there's no time like the upcoming new year to 'bling' in the celebration with the sparkle of cubic zirconia jewelry. Whether you're treating yourself to something special to Pearl jewelry set commemorate the new year or you wish to indulge yourself in a luxurious accessory that will last for many years to come simply because you deserve it, there's no wrong time to enjoy fabulous jewelry. If that isn't reason enough, below are three more reasons to consider adding cubic zirconia jewelry to your collection: Cubic zirconia is flawless. If you are familiar with the basics of gemstones, you probably already know that the majority of natural gems have inclusions. Synthetic gemstones, on the other hand, are created to give an eye clean appearance that could rarely be found in some natural gems. Because they are created, simulated gemstones are perfect in appearance and can be heated to feature virtually any color of the rainbow. Cubic zirconia is beautiful. Regardless of your favorite color, shape or style, there is almost certainly something that will catch your eye in terms of this magnificent stone. From clear to colorful, this popular gem is available in the same cuts (i.e., round, marquise, heart, oval, emerald, princess, etc.) as other gems and is known to reflect both natural and indoor light with great beauty. Cubic zirconia is affordable. When compared to genuine gemstones, the cost of cubic zirconia is a 'sparkling' deal. As the wearer, you are the only one who will know that your favorite dazzling cocktail ring is not filled with genuine gems or that your earrings did not cost a small fortune. When you're at the office party or out on the dance floor with your sweetheart, your style with be 'reflected' in the jewelry that you choose to wear. In fact, you can have a look that mimics that of the most expensive designs in jewelry without depleting your savings. Now that you know why this beautiful gemstone is so popular, it's time to start shopping. With a virtual jewelry store at your fingertips, the internet offers a wide selection of jewelry pieces to quench the thirst of even the pickiest of jewelry connoisseurs. Among the many benefits of shopping for jewelry online is the ability to receive and inspect the purchase at home and decide whether or not it's right for you. If you do need to make a return, there are no questions asked, no long lines to stand in at the customer service desk and no reluctant sales clerk to process your refund. When you choose to shop with a reputable online retailer, your overall experience will reflect the business's reputation. In conclusion, there's no wrong time to enjoy the beauty of jewelry. With a new year here, however, it may be the right time to reward yourself for a successful 2007 or possibly even in celebration of a resolution for the forthcoming months. Whatever your reason for wanting to sparkle and shine, knowing how to look great and still save some money is one smart style choice.


The handcrafted jewelry business provides fun

The handcrafted jewelry business provides fun and excitement with an opportunity of earning high profits. With its high customer demand for handmade jewelry and the potential for constant growth, and the right business strategies, enthusiastic jewelry makers can reap considerable rewards by re-making their hobby into a home-based jewelry business! Many jewelry crafters focus on one area of jewelry making for instance, working only with precious metals. Within this area, he or she may have expertise in certain genre, such as Celtic knot-work. Lets refine it further and say this particular craftsperson has a talent for engraving or etching Celtic knot designs on 14 karat gold and platinum bracelets. Combined with his or her personal style, this crafter now has a unique area of jewelry making, and has potential for becoming well-known for this type of work. If you have an artistic preference or specialty, this could very well be the way for you to establish your business. If you prefer to Freshwater pearl beads create beautifully crafted, high quality jewelry in a number of styles and designs, its still a specialty! Finely crafted jewelry never goes out of style! Business owners know that the best way for optimizing profits is to either buy direct imports from manufacturers of jewelry making supplies, or buy wholesale materials, and sell the finished products at retail prices. You can find any number of wholesale suppliers through an Internet search. Use comparative shopping to find the best prices for your tools and supplies. Buying from virtual version of a wholesale supplies store, puts information about buying at bulk discounts and sale items right at your fingertips. It also eliminates the time and expense of going out to brick and mortar stores, can be done from home, and the product is shipped directly to you. Some online wholesalers offer free delivery for sales over a set amount, so this makes buying in bulk even more cost efficient. For businesses that dont create their own jewelry, joining as an affiliate of an existing virtual jewelry company is an excellent strategy for newcomers to the jewelry business. You use the companys web site, eliminate the need for physical inventory, and hold no responsibility for providing and shipping the product. This method is easy, low-risk, and a good way to break into the business. Multi Level xxxing (MLM) strategies work for some people but not for others. If you are a good salesperson, you may be able to make a profit from this type of venture. By all accounts, MLM is a strategy that requires a great deal of research before you jump on the wagon. Making your own jewelry can be done from your own home, and there are a few simple and successful ways to xafs it. You can rent a booth for $100 (more or less, depending upon availability and your budget) at crafts fairs and shows, and local festivals and events such as fairs and holiday celebrations. Or you may want to start with home jewelry parties, which work on the same principle that many successful businesses have been built upon. On the internet, you can sell your jewelry at online auctions, such as e-Bay, or open an e-Bay or Yahoo shop, for vast exposure and minimum overhead. Build your own web site or buy an old one and renovate it to meet your needs. These are all low-overhead and fairly profitable forms of making your mark in the jewelry business. Your success in the jewelry business ultimately lies with you. Work full-time or part-time, but learn all you can about your area of the business, and keep up with xafsing trends. Start with a simple business strategy and work your way up!


The sophisticated style of Irish jewelry is one to

The sophisticated style of Irish jewelry is one to be embraced and loved by everyone. With hundreds of styles, looks, and colors to pick from, it is a guarantee you will discover the right piece that you'll love for a lifetime. Although the symbolism of Irish jewelry is attached to several treasured values embraced by the Irish, most have a meaningful message for individuals of all nationalities and religions. Some of the most unusual and unique rings can often be found by simply browsing the tremendous assortment of Celtic engagement rings that will be perfect for all women, not just Irish. Though the meaning of a beautiful Celtic engagement ring is actually based on the morals, beliefs, and values of Irish culture; these ideals ring true to any couple that is preparing to Pearl strand be married. Love, honor, togetherness, and passion are meaningful beliefs for any couple to embrace, thereby making a Celtic engagement ring a fantastic way to display your love to everyone. Celtic wedding bands have a very dear message because each one stands for an important belief that many couples, Irish or not, are going to relate to. Claddagh rings are a perfect example of this. The concept behind the Claddagh ring is to express the many different stages and steps of a relationship with a special placement technique for each one. The very first stage in the Claddagh ring is friendship, which is something every couple, whether Irish or not, must first accomplish. The second step is the engagement, also something we all go through prior to marriage. The final and enduring step is absolute marriage unity, yet another beautiful symbol of your infinite love. You can clearly see that a Claddagh wedding ring has notable significance to every couple, not just couples who are actually Irish. Irish jewelry is stunning and offers a significance and meaning that the whole world should uphold. The intricate styles utilized in Celtic jewelry offer a gorgeous piece that stores an important message that the owner can have with them forever as they lovingly show the world their most treasured thoughts. From Irish crosses representing a Christian faith, to Celtic Trinity knots that represent many different thoughts, beliefs, and ideals; no matter where you stand and what you stand for, Irish Celtic jewelry gives an engaging and classy look that symbolizes anything you wish it to. Love is one of the messages which has been regularly used for symbols of Celtic jewelry, making it a wonderfully universal piece. Everybody, regardless of where you're going or where you are from, wants to find love, or perhaps you've found it already. The symbolism placed into each and every piece of Irish jewelry helps everyone present their beliefs about love in a beautiful and compelling way.


Almost everyone has been to a home party where

Almost everyone has been to a home party where everything from house wares to herbal remedies is sold. Some of the most prosperous businesses actually have their foundation in home parties. Home parties are one of the most cost-effective ways of xafsing and selling your jewelry, and to get your jewelry business off to a great start. Plan your home party! Take inventory of your jewelry to make sure you have enough to merit a home party. Have at least five different designs of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, that can be sold as sets or individually. Toe rings and belly-button pieces are enormously popular with younger people today, so if you have them, add them to Freshwater pearl beads your sales collection! Its not a bad idea to have a few one-of-kind pieces to appeal to those who like unique jewelry, but the majority of your stock should include several pieces of each design. After you take inventory of your jewelry, decide how many pieces you want to sell and how long it will take to make the additional items you want for your sales display, and schedule your party according youafter you have someone to host your party! Usually a friend, co-worker or family member will agree to host your party. If the party site is large enough and you need additional people to attend, flyers and business cards are great free advertising. Many community businesses have bulletin boards just for this reason. Alternatively, you could invite other artists and crafts people in your area to submit their work for sale, in exchange for a small commission. Work with your hostess to plan how to conduct the party. Decide what refreshments to serve, and seating arrangements for the guests. Plan attractive displays your jewelry that guests can browse. Highlight your best work or collections with short presentations describing the materials, or add a short story of what inspired you to make the item. Take high quality photos of more expensive pieces and collections that you may not have on display to go in a catalog or portfolio for jewelry that can be specially ordered. Give each guest your business card; this gives you an opportunity for personal interaction. If you have a business web site, be sure the URL is printed on your business card and make guests aware of it. Door prizes that guests can win can be incorporated into games, and you might want to have a Grab Bag to insure that no guest leaves empty handed. The prizes dont have to be expensive, but they should be things the guest will enjoy having. Show your appreciation for your hosts hospitality and work with a gift of jewelry, presented toward the end of the party, You may let him or her select a piece from your jewelry collection, or create graduated-cost pieces with the choice of gift based upon the amount of sales. If you know the host well, create a special item of jewelry just for them, inspired by their preferences. Selling your jewelry at town festivals, gift shops, flea xafss and crafts fairs or other events and places where handmade jewelry is sold is still a good way to earn cash. You could even open an e-bay store, too! But a home jewelry party gives you an excellent venue right in your own community and connects you with local customers who will spread the news about the terrific jewelry they bought at a home jewelry party!


When you are making and selling your own

When you are making and selling your own handcrafted bead jewelry you're always looking for ways to reduce you bead and supply expenses by buying your beads for the lowest price you can. If you save just ten cents per bead that can quickly add up to a lot of extra profit when you sell your jewelry, so it makes sense to shop smart and take your time looking for good deals on both the beads you use and the supplies you buy. And if you sell your handmade jewelry at craft shows you know that most of the larger shows are in the spring and fall each year when the weather is mild and people are in a buying sort of mood! I always sell much more jewelry at the fall craft shows that I attend because I've learned that from early October onward a lot of people are beginning to Pearl jewelry set look for new and unique pieces of jewelry to wear around the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Obviously holiday jewelry requires beads and accessories you don't normally wear throughout the year For example, around Halloween I usually sell a lot of little charm bracelets with black cat and jack-o-lantern charms on them and around Christmas I find that anything with snowmen or Christmas trees sells like the proverbial hot cakes! The key to making a decent profit on your handmade holiday jewelry is buying your beads and supplies as cheaply as possible. Here are a couple ways to do this: Buy your beads in bulk: You can always save money doing this, but it's especially important to mention this method when thinking about holiday beads. A lot of people only buy enough holiday beads to last them through the short holiday season, but you have to think long term and realize that these holiday come every single year and no matter what you don't sell this year you'll surely be able to sell next year. By buying a lot of holiday beads at once you'll save a fair bit of money and reduce your cost per bead. Buy holiday beads right before or right after the holidays: This is another trick that a lot of people forget about. On November first I start shopping the local craft stores and online bead sites for clearance sales of Halloween beads. I simple stock up on those beads and put them in storage until next year when I can pull them out and make lots of jewelry without spending a lot of money. Of course, if you're going to buy a lot of beads and you're going to store them for a long time you have to be sure you have enough storage space set aside. I use two large plastic bins to keep most of the beads I buy for holidays an then separate those bins with smaller boxes that are clearly labeled. For example, I have three large boxes in one of my bins that are marked "Christmas beads" and I have one box that is marked "New Years Beads." I wish you the best of luck making and selling your holiday jewelry!


Ever get tired of searching through endless mall

Ever get tired of searching through endless mall shops, trying to find high quality jewelry at affordable prices? How about attending big jewelry sales that just fail to deliver? If this sounds familiar to you, you should join a growing crowd of millions of consumers who are finding affordable, high quality jewelry online. Everything from wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond anniversary bands, watches and more can all be found online and purchased from the comfort of your own home. Nowadays, internet shopping has become appreciated and used by all social and age groups, as an ideal alternative to Baroque pearl crowded, schedule restricted jewelry shops. And why shouldnt it be so popular when it saves you precious time, effort, and money? Imagine having to find a special ring or a wedding band just a few days from such holidays as Valentines Day, when all the jewelry stores are invaded by hundreds and hundreds of people just as busy as you. Senseless hours being wasted perusing through overprice jewelry being sold by commissioned sales associates. Its time to find a better way. Online jewelry shops offer a varied range of products, from earrings to gemstone jewelry, from rings and bands to watches and special products (for special occasions). Also, you can find pieces of jewelry made from white or yellow gold, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and precious gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more. A variety of products, for all tastes and fit for every occasion, lie waiting to be discovered. You can easily find the most amazing pieces of jewelry, from diamond anniversary bands to golden or pearl rings and earrings. And online selection cannot be beat. There are literally millions of pieces of jewelry available on the web far more than any one store could ever stock. Of course, the best feature of online stores is that the prices are usually much lower than brick and mortar shops. Online stores do not have to invest in costly showrooms and have a much lower overhead. This savings is passed on to you, and you benefit by having the same jewelry items at reduced prices. Moreover, many online jewelry stores offer free shipping and money back returns so you can buy for less, but still buy with confidence. Online jewelry shopping is a booming industry as more and more people are feeling comfortable with making larger purchase online. Buying jewelry online just makes sense for so many reasons the time saved the virtually limitless selection, and affordable prices. It just cant be beat. So the next time you are planning on surprising your loved ones with a piece of jewelry you know theyve been craving remember to first check on online stores for the best prices and offers. In doing so, youve assured yourself a way to a satisfactory shopping experience and have saved yourself the trouble of waiting in line at a big store. Once youve experienced the simplicity and effectiveness of online transactions, especially on luxury products like gemstones and jewels, you may want to go back to shop online again.

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